Why Processed Foods Are Hurting Your Teeth


Of course you have heard that processed foods are bad for your health, but most people don’t know in how many ways. A diet high in processed foods can hurt your teeth as well. Factory foods will deplete your body’s natural defenses and sacrifice you smile.

Here are your Eugene Oregon Dentist’s top reasons processed foods can hurt your health and smile.

1. Processed Foods Have A Lot of Sugar

It is no surprise that foods that come in packages have a lot of sugar, but the added sugar is poison to your teeth. Many people eat a diet rich in sugar and they don’t even realize it. A morning bowl of cereal or a microwave lunch can have over 150% of your daily-recommended sugar amount. Sugar is the leading cause of cavities. Reduce and eliminate it at all costs.

2. Modified Foods Can Damage Your Internal Organs

Modified foods that are packaged and canned will hurt your entire body. These foods will contribute to rapid aging, diseases such as kidney failure, and weak bone structure including your teeth. People who eat alot of packaged foods often have more cavities than those who eat whole foods.

3. Processed Foods Are Addictive

Processed foods can overstimulate the production of dopamine in your body which leads to over consumption and extra cravings.

Your mind is always tricked into thinking it is hungry. It can not resist the sugar calling and will give in, most people continue to give in to their cravings and eating “junk” foods in large amounts, which leads to obesity and tooth decay.

4. “Junk” Foods Causes Illness

Eating junk food can hurt your body. There are numerous studies that show how refined sugars, and processed white flours, vegetable oils, and all other artificial ingredients are responsible for illness’s. Eat healthy organic fruits and vegetables for a healthier future.

6. Causes Tooth Decay

Eating junk food is bad for your smile because it is high in sugar and fat. It can damage your teeth and cause gum inflammation. The number one cause if cavities and tooth decay is high sugar diets. Avoid foods that have sugar and save your teeth.

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